Content is Queen

Content has the extraordinary power to influence the world. At HarbourView, we are focused on opportunities to support the purveyors of premium content across the entertainment, sports, and media sectors. Our team deeply understands the intrinsic and long-term value of IP.

Meet the Team

Defy Convention.

Difference is our strength. We think differently. We evaluate differently. Our perspective is never obstructed by pre-conceived investing norms. As a result, we relentlessly seek to deliver superior, non-correlated returns in esoteric investments powered by film, music, tv, sports, and more.

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Fast Facts

  • Founded by
    Sherrese Clarke Soares
  • Year of Formation
  • Collective Experience
    50+ years
  • up to
    over $1bn of investable capital
  • Headquartered
    Newark, NJ with additional offices in Los Angeles, CA